Stage Harbor Lighthouse Chatham Massachusetts

Stage Harbor Light is a lighthouse in Chatham, Massachusetts. It was built in 1880. It was discontinued in 1933, replaced by a skeleton tower 200 ft west which remains an active aid to navigation. The original light helped to mark a vessel staging area anchorage in deep water south of Harding’s Beach used during periods of low visibility by vessels waiting to round Monomoy Point and Pollock Rip Channel. The lighthouse also lined up perfectly with the Chatham Twin Lights, making an effective range for Chatham Roads, the deep water channel crossing Nantucket Sound from south of Bishop & Clerks Reef off Point Gammon at Hyannis to the staging area. The original light is now a private residence. It sits at the entrance of what is still a busy harbor, used primarily by Chatham-based fishing fleets, sailboats from the Stage Harbor and Monomoy yacht clubs, and private craft owners.