When you cruise from Galveston, you’re in for big thrills before you even set foot onboard the ship. A favorite vacation stop among families, this fun-loving seaside city in Texas offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty and warm southern hospitality. Start your visit with a Texas-style breakfast in the historic Strand District, the pulsing heart of the city and a hub of antique shops, restaurants and bars. Make time for a walk along the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, home to lots of family-friendly rides, games and other attractions. Then explore Galveston’s illustrious history on a scenic stroll past well-preserved Victorian mansions and centuries-old landmark buildings. If you visit Galveston, you must dedicate a bit of time to the city’s museums, which host exhibits on all kinds of topics — from Galveston’s history with oil and railroads to the pirates and corsairs that haunt the Gulf Coast’s rich and colorful past.


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